Tree By The Sea No.2 by Dirk Karsten: Beautiful photographic of international acclaimed Dutch photographer and 'Gold Label' artist Dirk Karsten! Dirk has worked successfully in many different fields . His images have won close to 300 awards, accolades from Art Director Clubs and Media awards around the world including a Clio award, Gold and Silver awards  from the Lucie Awards, His name appears on the cover and in every issue of 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide and has been published in the prestigious annuals of Communication Arts, Photo Graphis, Lürzers Archive and many more.


Masterpiece Edition (*10 ) - Musual

Our Masterpiece - Musual editions are true objects. These works are published on the beautiful Hahnemühle Satin FineArt paper of 100% cotton with a smooth top layer. This special photo paper ensures that every detail is truly expressed. In addition, these Musual works are given a French passé-partou, high-quality durable frames made of certified wood (FSC) and museum glass, which gives an unprecedented clear and deep color rendering!


*Limited editions of 10 pieces. 

Tree by Sea No.2 by Dirk Karsten

  • Gold Label ™

    • Artitect Photographic
    • Masterpiece Edition (*10) - Signature
    • Unique Artitect Passport (Gold Label)
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Gallery - 
    • Ships from Holland




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