Masked Cloack and Dagger by Frank E Hollywood: "Frank E Hollywood's art often shows a tension between the future and the past. He does not create a romanticised picture of the past. On the contrary, he draws from the collective visual history to create a truly modern image. Frank’s work shows his future ideas about art. Nostalgic images are recycled, creating something modern and unique.".


Masterpiece Edition (*9) -  Signature

Our Masterpiece (Signature) editions are specially performed works by the artist! This work has an fine art print finished in Diasec® plexiglass with a dibond back.


*Limited edition of 9.

Behind The Mask by Frank E Holly Wood

  • Gold Label ™

    • Artitect Artwork // Mixed Media
    • Masterpiece Edition (*9) - Signature
    • Unique Artitect Passport (Gold Label)
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Gallery - 
    • Ships from Holland




Walls Of Glory

Black Label
Gold Label

Marcel Van Luit

Paco Raphael

Frank E Hollywood

Secret Service

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