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Urban-chic is my style, baby'

'In fact, I hate him. He makes me sick. Why? Because he can do it all. Yes, he can do it all. He can draw, he can paint, he writes good poetry, my wife and my daughters like him, he cooks better than my mother.'

Jamie James, A Dutch self-taught artist with Indonesian roots, began drawing at an early age.

In the 80's he attracted attention by spraying graffiti on all possible walls and vehicles and he started selling self designed t shirts. 

After using walls and trains as his canvas he developed his drawing skills and he became a freestyle painter. 

The energy and optimism of his art work, with its bold lines, it expresses his hedonist life style. He loves life, he loves to paint, it all comes together in his work.  


What you see is what you get. His paintings are pure, they are known for their graffiti-like style. He works highly expressionistic with an intuitive approach. The bigger his paintings are, the better they look.  


He is not into politics, why would he. 'Life is good, you deserve happiness.

Jamie James - Silver Star - Interior Whi


Urban-Chic is my style, baby


Jamie James




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